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White Honey doesn’t look like your regular caramel looking, golden nectar. Drawn from the blooms of white acacia flowers, the colour of this honey can be anywhere between absolute transparent and pale(est) yellow. Though transparent, it will not be crystal clear, it will always be milky, and have stands of pollen present in it.

It  mainly consists of Acacia pollen, which brings you various nutritive properties of the Acacia flowers. High on antioxidants, minerals, and vitamins, it is a great addition to your kitchen’s health pantry. The taste is one of a kind, it has a herbal after note and lingers for a while.

Honey has many medicinal properties, and can replace many over the counter syrups used for cough relief. It’s nature’s cough syrup! High on anti-oxidants, and all of nature’s love, it is del-del-delicious!

One interesting fact about this honey is that, it’s crystallization rate is slower as compared to any other kind of honey. Crystallized white honey has an interesting texture, it can be frozen and its shavings can be used as dessert garnish.

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White Honey is a rare kind of honey. It’s distinct transparency comes from the light colored flowers from which the nectar is drawn. For this season, we bring you White Honey – drawn from the blooms of white acacia flowers. Brought to you from our lush fields in the Northern parts of India. It has a light taste, apart from the sweetness, the taste is nothing close to regular honey.


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