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Raw Honey Benefits

Bee Pollen – One of the most important benefits of Raw honey – the Bee Pollen. Since Raw honey is just manually sieved and undergoes no other process, it retains the rich quantity of bee pollen. Bee pollen is full of protein, minerals, vitamins, etc., and has many health benefits.

Antioxidants – Honey is a rich source of compounds that act as antioxidants and has been in the books of herbal medicines for ages. Used as a base to many herbal and home remedies, Honey makes a perfect choice for those looking for better alternatives to sugar.

Healthier than sugar – Modern day sugars are cleant and bleached with all kinds of chemical compounds and applications. Honey, on the other hand, undergoes no chemical intrusion, it is as natural as natural can be. Brought from the farms straight to the bottle. Honey has a better composition and ratio of natural sugar than ordinary refined sugar.

Natural form and variety in taste –  Raw honey is collected from beehives strategically placed in floral gardens or forests. The taste of the honey depends on the flowers bees feed on. And that also brings in a portion of nutrients from the source crop into the honey.

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Raw Honey is thick, delicious and a perfect replacement for your regular sweeteners. As the name suggests it is brought to a bottle directly from the beehive with only a manual sieving process to filter out impurities. It is rich in pollen which is drawn by the bees from the lush green flora of Northern India. It is seasonal and varies in taste and color but promises a sumptuous texture in every drop.


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