Pure Kashmir Honey


The luscious valleys of Kashmir lined with saffron flowers, apple orchards, and acacia blooms are the perfect spot for swarms of bees to collect honey. Pure Kashmir honey is delicious, without being cloyingly sweet and proves to be quite the Superfood. It is rich and has the perfect texture to go with your breakfast. It is an excellent superfood as it is loaded with antioxidants and nutrients. From a sunshine gold to deep caramel, the color and flavors may vary too. A slight aftertaste depicting the season and floral source can prove to be the point of distinction between two or more batches of honey.

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Kashmir Honey brings you some of the beauty and goodness of Kashmir. Made with the nectar from the diverse flora of the Himalayan foothills, Kashmir Honey is one of the best kinds of honey that will make your day. Freshly procured from the farms of this wonderland, our bees love to collect the nectar for you as we like to pack it for you.


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